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How chicago screws work

All muzzles with a quick clip fastening have atleast one Chicago screw, that allows the muzzle to still be adjustable. If your question is specifically about how to use your quick clip check out this blog post. 

We also offer a Chicago screw upgrade available for all muzzles! 

By upgrading to Chicago screws you are able to detatch your strapping and mix and match in the future. You are also better able to make small modifications to your muzzle fit, without cutting biothane.

We have a video here to help you! 


Please note - Chicago screws can sometimes gradually come undone over time, therefore you must regularly check to ensure that they are still secure. Alternatively, once you have your ideal fit or colour combination, you can 'loc-tite' your Chicago screws closed. 

We have a video how to guide here! 

 If you want to add additional chicago screws to your order so you have back-ups just in case, simply add another 'Chicago screw upgrade' to your basket when you place your order. 

If you loose screws and need to order more at a later date, you can order more any time here!

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