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Size Taz - *NEW*

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All of our muzzles were designed with function at the forefront. From the strong plastic, to soft, waterproof strapping, to the perfectly positioned treat hole. We wanted muzzled dogs to feel comfortable and happy as well as be safe. 

This Muzzle is the perfect choice for keeping your dog safe and comfortable. Made of lightweight yet durable material, this muzzle provides superior security with maximum comfort. Its adjustable neck straps provide a safe and secure fit and its breathable design ensures adequate ventilation. 

Due to popular demand, we felt it important to release a size that sits between our current sizes 'Tolly' and 'Sunny'. 

This size has the same features such as purpose built treat hole and a strong, sturdy material, bright colours and hundreds of customisation possibilities but is also has some exciting NEW updates! 

- Flatter profile in front of the eyes  

- Bevelled edges on the front panel and around the treat hole

- updated head strap attachment 

- Ooodles of pant room!

The difference between Taz and Taz* is the width of the nose band, Taz* has a 38mm thick Biothane nose band that when combined with the Taz basket, can add some length for dogs that need it. The Basket part of the muzzle remains the same.


Tamaño Longitud Altura Ancho
Neli 10 cm/4 pulgadas 16 cm/6,3 pulgadas 10 cm/4 pulgadas
Neli* 12 cm/4,7 pulgadas 16 cm/6,3 pulgadas
10 cm/4 pulgadas
peaje 10,5 cm/4 pulgadas 15 cm/6 pulgadas
12 cm/4,7 pulgadas
Tolly* 12 cm/4,7 pulgadas 15 cm/6 pulgadas
12 cm/4,7 pulgadas
Soleado 14 cm/5 pulgadas 20 cm/7,9 pulgadas
14,5 cm/5,5 pulgadas
rex 8,5 cm/3,3 pulgadas 14 cm/5,5 pulgadas 8,5 cm/3,3 pulgadas
rex* 10 cm/3 pulgadas 14 cm/5,5 pulgadas 8,5 cm/3,3 pulgadas



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Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Great muzzle

We purchased the size Taz* for our German shepherd, it fits her very well and it’s so much easier to feed her treats now on our walks!

Neisha Starling
Best Muzzle I’ve Found!

I finally bit the bullet and ordered a couple Taz muzzles for my boys after going through several others. Nothing else provided all the ‘musts’ they needed. The Baskerville didn’t provide enough pant room. Their leather ones turned into a disgusting smelly mess after a couple months, their modified jafcos didn’t allow beach water to flow out fast enough, and the snow was too hard for them to get out, not to mention one of my determined pups ate a hole through it trying to get a ball (insert eye roll). A biothane muzzle was out of the question because one is a biter. They play pretty hard with each other so I’ve always had to add extra strapping to keep it securely in place. Now with their new Tazs’ all these frustrating problems are gone! Water can move freely so they can enjoy swimming, snow will remove easily when they shake their heads, it doesn’t slip off and they have oodles of pant room. Oh! And did I mention they’re super light?! When my package arrived and I picked it up with 2 muzzles in it I was really confused how there could be 2 muzzles in the box. Well there was! I needed to pay a little extra for duty, being shipped to Canada, but it was well worth it. These babies came in less than 2 weeks! Happy customer!

Fits much better than our Nelli* did!

Been waiting for this size for forever! We have a bully mix with the bigger head, but his snout is longer and narrow than the average pibble. This fits him much better than the Nelli* did (we had issues with cheek width) and provides the largest pant we own. Love love love!

Finally - a muzzle that fits!

It was ridiculously difficult to get a good fit with pant room for my goldie x lab cross. This is hands down the best option on the market.
I was really pleasantly surprised by how light it was, despite being quite robust and he’s wearing it happily.
It’s already helping with his scavenging, even without the scavenger guard we’re pre-ordered. Slows him down enough that I have chance to get ‘leave it’ cues in before things are swallowed and he opts to come to me for treats instead.
If there was one thing I could change it would be making the bottom length a bit shorter as there is a point where the angle of his neck means the bottom juts against his neck (I.E sitting and angling his head down) but it’s not an issue the majority of the time.

Natalie Tetrault
Taz fit!

This muzzle is a great upgrade from what we were using before and my dog seems to be a lot more comfortable in it than his previous one. The sizing guide online didn't generate a muzzle option for us so I submitted pictures of myself using a tape measure on my dog and the team was quick to respond with the suggestion of size Taz. There are a few things I would have done differently now that we've had a chance to try it out. I would've upgraded to the wider noseband to give a little more room in the front and although the huge amount of pant room is great for the dog, it does restrict his head movement. He can't tuck his chin without the muzzle hitting his lower throat so although it fits great while standing or walking around, it isn't ideal while the dog rests laying down. Ideally, I would exchange this muzzle for a something a little smaller but the shipping costs to return this item back to the UK (I'm in the US) doesn't justify it. Will continue to use.

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