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Join the pro muzzle movement

For rescues, vets, trainers, behaviourists & all R+ pet professionals

Passionate about muzzle positivity, advocacy and education? Us too - come join our pro community and let’s work together for better welfare and outcomes for dogs everywhere.

We’re more than just makers of beautiful muzzles (although they *are* swoonworthy!) We’re a coalition of like minded people coming together to advocate for dogs, educate and break the muzzle stigma.

And we’d love for you to join us if you share our mission. Our ultimate mission is to fuel the improvement of welfare and outcomes for all kinds of dogs, from all walks of life.

Wearing a muzzle doesn’t have to be a negative experience and it doesn’t need to shrink a dog’s world - quite the opposite in fact!

Working together for the benefit of all dogs

Together we can spread muzzle positivity and education so that all dog guardians have access to R+ experts that can support them and their dogs to live happily and healthily side by side.

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