Muzzle orders placed now will ship within 2-4 weeks, excluding new sizes.

How to pre-order new sizes!

We always have new sizes that we are raising funds to be able to make them a reality! 

We have three new sizes available for pre order right now! You can find both sizes 'Taz', 'Mitzy' and 'Atlas under the 'muzzles' tab on our menu or read about them at the bottom of this page!


How does the pre-order work? 

We set a goal for each size, that goal is based on how many of that size we need to sell in order to have the funds to proceed with the creation of the injection mould (which is ££££). But rather than save up for the moulds and then release the size, we are giving you the option to secure your muzzle in your desired size, without being charged until we have the funds to make this size a reality!

This means, you place an order for one of the new sizes , you enter your details but you don't get charged until we reach our target. You can cancel your order any time, and make changes to colours whenever you like. Once we have the required funds, we will contact you via email and notify you that we are going to take payment. 

You can track each new sizes profile through the link below, there will be an orange bar underneath the image on each new size listing so you can see how many more we have to go before starting to manufacture the moulding!

Once we have taken payment, we pay our manufacturers to make the injection mould, this takes 8-10 weeks normally, and from there we need to wait for the baskets to arrive at our workshop, followed by building each of your muzzles individually! 

Timeline of new size release

How long might I be waiting?

This really depends on how popular the size you are waiting for is! If you want it to be made quicker, share it with your friends who might have a dog of the same size as you!

If we raise the funds outside of the size sales, we might not wait until we reach our 'target' number of sales and we might proceed with the size early! But as always, you will be contacted via email and updated whenever anything changes! 


 I don't want to pre-order but will you let me know when my size is available?

If you don't want to pre-order but still want to be notified when there are new sizes, you need to sign up to our mailing list by entering your email in the pop up or you can check back via the link below, which is where all of our new and upcoming sizes will be listed. 





* We are still in the early stages of prototyping this new size, so measurements are still not officially confirmed - although we anticipate this size will be 20cm wide, 22cm deep and 9-7cm long. Therefore we don't have a size chart for this size yet and it will not show up in the sizing quiz. 



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