Muzzle orders placed now will ship within 2-4 weeks, excluding new sizes.


Looking for more info about one of our products, services, or a pending order? Check out our list of frequently asked questions below for some quick answers. If your question isn’t answered here, try asking our chatbot in the bottom right corner!


Do you ship worldwide?
Yes! We do ship worldwide. Shipping cost is calculated automatically at checkout.
When will my order ship?
Pre-made items when ordered alone will ship in approx. 3-5 business days. This includes block colour Biothane collars or leads, accessories, jumpers and stickers.

Muzzles and multi-colour or multiway leads are custom built to order, and take approx. 1-2 weeks for creation prior to shipment. If your order contains both premade items and a made to order item, the entire order will ship together in 2-4 weeks once all items are completed.

Unless you have a jumper with an image these are shipped directly from our manufacturers and will be shipped within a few days, and your muzzle will be shipped in our normal 2-4 week time frame.

You will receive an email once your order is completed and shipped.

When ordering PRE-selling muzzles in advance of manufacturing to raise the funds required, it will state on each individual listing when the orders are due to be shipped.

Can i collect locally to save on shipping costs?
During more quiet periods you may be able to come and try on different sizes or collect your order!

All you need to do is contact me at and book an appointment.

Am I going to be charged import fees, taxes or duties?
On some rare occasions there might be additional import fees if you are ordering from outside of the UK.

This will depend on the country you are ordering from and we cannot predict which orders might be charged at random.

what is your warranty?
The safety and well-being of you and your dog is our number one priority, which is why all metal hardware and plastic basket components are warrantied against breakage for life.

In the rare event that a metal or plastic component fails, it will be repaired free of charge or replacement hardware/Basket will be mailed.

All required shipping to/from our workshop for gear to be repaired is at buyer's expense. Please note that the finish on plated metal hardware components can wear with use and change colour over time - this is normal and not covered by the hardware warranty. For safety purposes, dogs should always be supervised while wearing collars and muzzles and all fittings should be inspected regularly. For more information on how to proceed with a warranty repair, or read our terms and conditions please visit Hardware warranty.

Can I amend my order after it has been processed?
You are permitted to make a single amendment to an order, which can include multiple items, but this can only be done one time. Please email


How do I know which muzzle to order
In order to know which size is most suitable, you need to first get your dogs measurements. We have a how to guide, a recommended size range for you to compare measurements plus a sizing quiz here
What do the size names mean?
All of our muzzles are named after dogs that we have loved or that have made a big impact on us in some way!

We have names to help differentiate them rather than numbers, because we are planning new size releases and over time size 2 might become size 4 if we introduce two smaller sizes! So we named them to avoid confusion in the future.

If you want to know more about the dogs each muzzle is named after - check out our Blog post
What are the muzzles made of?
The basket of the muzzles are made from injection-molded polyethylene (plastic) which is a very common plastic, used to make everything from food containers to replacement knee joints! The strapping is made of biothane, which is PVC coated webbing, if you want to read more about how we make muzzles you can do so here!
Are the muzzles ‘bite-proof’?
Whilst there is no industry standard for what is considered 'bite proof', our muzzles are made from solid, non-flexible plastic designed to be strong, secure and long-lasting. We disagree with the use of the term 'Bite-proof'. We have a blog post on this topic you can read all about it here!
Are the muzzles scavenge proof?
Due to the treat hole in the front of the muzzle, our muzzles are not suitable to prevent dogs from scavenging and would require additional modifications such as a vinyl sheet attached to the front or additional Biothane strapping.

We are further exploring options with our manufacturers and will update our email subscribers if we launch anything that might help prevent scavenging or create a blog post with DIY soloutions.

Currently, items are not available outside of our normal stock size range. Because our muzzles aren’t custom made to fit each individual dog, we aren’t able to make a personalised size. However, we do have plans to release more sizes, with the long term goal to eventually have an all-inclusive size range. You can Pre-Order upcoming sizes, without being charged, here.
Can I boil and reshape the muzzle?
Yes, you can boil and reshape our muzzles slightly. However, we don't know what this does to the integrity of the plastic so do so at your own risk. Once the muzzle has been boiled and reshaped you are unable to return your muzzle.

We have a how to video here.

Will you have more sizes in the future?
Yes, you can read more about our upcoming sizes and Pre-order them now without being charged, here.

We are always working on future sizes, and hope to be all inclusive. Due to being a small start up company, without any external funding, it may take us some time to raise the funds needed to release new sizes, but we are eager to make sure that we can cater to a wide variety of different face shapes in the future.

How do you return or exchange a muzzle that doesn't fit?
If your muzzle doesn't fit, you can return your muzzle, it will need to be in new condition for a full refund, minus the cost of shipping.

You can read more about our returns policy Here.

Can you size based off my current muzzle? 
It's unlikely that we can size based on your current muzzle. Our muzzles unique shape and design means that we require measurements of the dogs head in order to most accurately size, rather than measurements of their pre-existing muzzle. However, we also understand that in some cases it is just not possible to get measurements and if this is the case please email us at, and we will be more than happy to help.
Can my dog pant fully whilst wearing the muzzle?
Our muzzles are designed to facilitate a full pant. However, this depends on accurate measurements and the correct sizing.

We understand how important it is for a dog to be able to pant in a muzzle, and you can read more about this here in our muzzle fit blog.

If you want to know more about how to measure in order to get a muzzle with adequate pant room you can find our measurement recommendations here.

Muzzle accessories

Why would you add a head or chin strap?
Adding another point of attachment can help to further secure the muzzle. The need for additional security depends on the individual. The head strap is detachable and adjustable, so you are able to remove it if you find that you don’t require it in future.

You can read more about our different accessories here.

Why upgrade to chicago screws? 
By upgrading to Chicago screws you are able to detatch your strapping and mix and match in the future. You are also better able to make small modifications to your muzzle fit, without cutting biothane.

We have a how to video here.

Please note - Chicago screws can sometimes gradually come undone over time, therefore you must regularly check to ensure that they are still secure. Alternatively, once you have your ideal fit or colour combination, you can 'loc-tite' your chicago screws closed. We have a video to help you here.

Are quick clip upgrades adjustable? 
Yes, quick clip fastenings are adjustable to fit your dog's head. We have a helpful video guide here.

Once you have the perfect fit, you may choose to loc-tite close your chicago screw to avoid the screw loosening over time, you can find a video guide on how to do this here.

Business enquiries

Do you offer wholesale?
At the moment we don't have the capacity to fulfil wholesale orders due to the huge quantities of direct to customer orders. However, we are exploring options and hope to be able to offer wholesale in the future.

Biothane gear

How do I measure for a collar?
Most dogs will wear a collar sized 1-5cm larger than their snug neck measurement depending on body build, fur length, and personal preference for fit.

All collar measurements listed are in centimetres, and are measured when the collar is unbuckled and laying flat on a tape measure.

For tips on how to size your dog, please visit the collar measuring guide. blog post.

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