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Measuring for a collar

There are a couple of options to ensure your new collar will be the ideal fit for your dog! The 'perfect fit' depends on personal preference, some guardians (and dogs!) prefer a looser collar, whereas dogs who are walked with a lead attached to their collar would need a more secure fit which they couldn't slip out of! Regardless of use, no collar should ever be too tight and we recommend being able to fit two fingers between the dogs neck and the collar to ensure it is comfortable.
We provide 2 widths of collar, 1" (25mm wide) are suitable for medium-giant breeds, or some smaller breeds with long necks (whippets etc) and 5/8" (16mm wide) are suitable for small-medium breeds, or some large breeds who are not walked on a collar but have one for identification purposes. 
To check the length of collar you need, you could measure your dogs existing collar (unbuckled or unclipped and laid flat) if they have one which fits well, and order one from us which is the same size.
(Pic of quick clip collar being measured)
If you'd prefer to measure your dog directly - here's our top tips!

The measurements of our collars are the actual lengths of the collar, unbuckled and laid flat, from the buckle to the smallest hole and largest hole respectively.
Therefore, you will need to add a couple of centimetres to their 'snug' neck measurement to allow for a comfortable fit.


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