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Muzzle accessories explained!

Muzzle accessories explained!
You will see from our store that we have a huge selection of add-ons and accessories to buy alongside your beautiful new muzzle! In this blog, we will explain a little bit about what each item is and why you would use it!
Our Muzzle Guide is perfect for coaching you through the whole muzzle training process! It's so important when using a muzzle, that your dog is fully comfortable and happy wearing it - we don't want to be just shoving the muzzle on and forcing the dog to tolerate it. (Obviously there will be some emergency situations where you may need to just get a muzzle on a dog when they aren't fully trained but this is another reason why we advocate for ALL dogs to be muzzle trained - even if they don't need one for day to day or specific use!)
Our muzzle training guide explains two possible ways to muzzle train, using ONLY force-free training methods - luring and shaping, and takes you you right from first introducing the muzzle to your dog, to your dogs being able to happily wear the muzzle fully. 
Our muzzle training guide is currently available as an e-guide sent to your email address.
Do you LOVE matchy-matchy dog gear? Us too! That's why we provide beautiful, durable, handmade collars and leads to match your gorgeous new muzzle! 
Our collars are available in two widths for small/medium and medium/large dogs and are flat buckle collars for optimal fit, comfort and security. The leads are 2m in length to allow you dog plenty of option to move around. As you probably know by now, we love Biothane as it is stink proof, waterproof and washable, meaning these collars and leads are made for all weather, all adventures and wipe clean to look brand new!
If you prefer to mix and match colours, - not a problem - you can go for a collar and lead to match the muzzle basket, the muzzle biothane strapping, or pick a contrasting colour!
We also offer 20ft Long Lines, in all our usual strapping colours. Long lines are super useful pieces of equipment - allowing your dog the freedom to roam and explore and have a feeling of 'off-lead time' whilst remaining safely under control.
Long lines are ideal for using in areas where dogs must remain onlead, whilst you are training your dog's recall, for dogs who have a high prey drive/unreliable recall or even for nervous dogs who could easily be spooked. Being made of Biothane means that it doesn't matter where your dog drags the lead - muddy puddles, sandy beaches, or smelly ponds - simply rinse off and dry the lead for it to look as good as new!
We advise only attaching a long line to a harness and never a collar or headcollar. 
Does what it says on the tin - a handle which can be attached to a collar or harness for easy grabbing if needed!
A grab handle is ideal for walking by busy traffic, keeping your dog close in busy areas and when training. They are also really useful in an emergency or to avoid tangled leads when playing off lead, whilst still allowing quick and easy access if needed to grab a dogs collar or (preferably) harness.
Our grab handles are available in all the Biothane colours we offer for strapping.
Safety straps are our most underrated extra gear! They can be used in multiple ways; Clipping the collar to harness for escape artists or the lead to the harness or collar for dog guardians fearful of lead malfunction.
Safety straps are ideal for fearful or reactive dog and are perfect for keeping your dog safe and secure should they slip out of their harness or their walking equipment malfunctions.
Our muzzles come with a buckle fastening as standard, however when ordering you can go for a quick clip upgrade. The reason some people may prefer a quick clip is because.....they're quick to clip up! Rather than having to do up a buckle, you muzzle can simply clip to fasten.
Quick clips can be really useful if your dog wears a muzzle for certain areas on walks, or the muzzle is regularly removed and put back on. It can be helpful for dogs who have handling issues around their head and ears who may find the process of a buckle being done up too stressful, or for guardians/handlers who are unable to do up a more fiddly buckle.
Straps with a quick clip can still be adjusted in length: see the blog post showing you how here.
The head strap is a strap which attaches from the top of the muzzle, over the top of the head and attaches to the strap of the muzzle. This can help to secure the muzzle and stop it from bumping around the face. It also holds the muzzle in the correct position and stops it from sliding down.
It can also be helpful for shorter-nose breeds as it supports the muzzle where the dog's snout perhaps can't.
The head strap can also be attached to the collar rather than the strap of the muzzle, which would act as extra security to hold the muzzle on should the muzzle strap fail.
We can add a matching chin loop on to your muzzle, in matching Biothane to your muzzle strapping. A chin loop comes off the bottom band of the muzzle and loops through the collar to help secure the muzzle.
A chin strap helps to hold the muzzle in the right position and prevent it from bouncing around on the face, and is an additional level of security.
A muzzle stop is a figure of 8 piece of Biothane that attaches from the strap of the muzzle to the collar. This stops the straps from sliding over the head for an extra level of security.
Hopefully you now know the uses of all the extra items available to go alongside your gorgeous new muzzle...happy shopping!
A Chin Strap is a length of biothane that attaches to the standard behind the ear straps and sits underneath the chin to help further secure the muzzle and prevent bouncing and wobbling. 
The Chin strap is attached with chicago screws as standard so can be removed and adjusted to get a secure fit. 

Introducing our first ever Scavenger Guard, a new patent pending (2404638.5) innovative accessory for muzzle movement muzzles! A new, customisable treat hole cover that clips onto the front of the muzzle to help prevent dogs from scavenging dangerous items.

Don't worry about removing the muzzle - the guard clips on and off for convenient use. Allowing you to peace of mind when walking in areas where your dog is at risk, but still allowing you to train and deliver treats in safe contexts where the scavenge risk is low.


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