Muzzle orders placed now will ship within 2-4 weeks, excluding new sizes.

Muzzle and hardware warranty and repair

Dogs (and the elements) can be hard on their gear, and while we do everything we can to ensure we are only sourcing quality, durable materials - sometimes life happens, and things break! The safety of you and your dog is our number one priority which is why all metal hardware and the plastic baskets are warrantied against breakage for the life of the product. In the rare event that a metal or plastic component fails, it will be repaired free of charge or replacement will be mailed where possible.
So you've experienced an issue, now what?
For Non-Warranty Repairs or Resizing Work:

Some repairs are not covered by warranty (chewing of biothane, muzzle etc.), however we are still happy to repair these items and give them new life!

If the chew damage is impacting the Biothane on the muzzle, you can order replacement strapping here

We can also resize an item if your pup didn't grow as much as you thought or they grew out of an existing collar.

Simply reach out to us at and we can get a quote together. 

Please note that the finish on plated metal hardware components can wear with use and change colour over time - this is normal and not covered by the hardware warranty. For safety purposes, dogs should always be supervised while wearing collars and muzzles. All fittings should be inspected regularly.

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