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How to adjust your muzzle

Here you will find all you need to know on how to adjust your muzzle. This blog includes how to use Chicago screws, how to use the quick clip upgrade, trimming a nose band, the difference between a standard nose band and a *nose band plus how to switch the nose band over, how to order a shorter strap for your muzzle and how to boil and reshape a muzzle.

All muzzles with a quick clip fastening have at least one Chicago screw, that allows the muzzle to still be adjustable. 

We also offer a Chicago screw upgrade available for all muzzles! 

By upgrading to Chicago screws you are able to detatch your strapping and mix and match in the future. You are also better able to make small modifications to your muzzle fit, without cutting biothane.

We have a video here to help you! 


Please note - Chicago screws can sometimes gradually come undone over time, therefore you must regularly check to ensure that they are still secure. Alternatively, once you have your ideal fit or colour combination, you can 'loc-tite' your Chicago screws closed. 

We have a video how to guide here! 

If you want to add additional chicago screws to your order so you have back-ups just in case, simply add another 'Chicago screw upgrade' to your basket when you place your order. 

If you loose screws and need to order more at a later date, you can order more any time here!


All muzzles are compatible with our quick clip upgrade. A question we get asked frequently is 'Are quick clips still adjustable' and the answer is yes! 

Here we have included a video on how you can adjust the size of your strapping when you have a quick clip, to find the perfect fit for your dog! 

If you adjust your quick clip and still find that the strap is too short or long, you can punch additional holes using a leather hole punch or reach out to us at and request a shorter/longer strap. 


The difference between a standard nose band and * nose band is the width of the Biothane, the standard width of the nose band is 25 mm thick Biothane as where the * has a 38 mm thick Biothane nose band that when combined with the basket, can add some length for dogs that need it. The Basket part of the muzzle remains the same.

Want to switch up your muzzles nose band without buying an entirely new muzzle? Or mix and match different biothane colours? You can purchase alternative nose bands, if your muzzle already has the Chicago screw upgrade, simply just switch your current nose band with your new colour choice.

If you muzzle has rivets, you need to purchase both the nose band and the chicago screw upgrade. You will need to cut off your current strapping, and replace it with new strapping using chicago screws. If you would prefer to replace your strapping with rivets, that you close yourself this can be organised on request. 

Please note that chicago screws can come undone over time, so should either be 'Loctite' closed, or checked regularly to ensure they aren't wriggling lose. 

You can order an alternative nose band here.


You may want to consider trimming the nose band on your muzzle if your pup has a shorter nose or the nose band is touching the water line of your pups eyes. The video below explains how to trim the nose band.

The nose band isn't returnable once you have trimmed it.


For customers that have one of our muzzles but need to further customise the fit of your muzzle with a Shorter or Longer muzzle strap. No need to cut or punch holes yourself - simply order the a different length for your needs. 

Enter what size muzzle you have currently on the item listing, and if you need the strap to be longer or shorter. 

This item is one single strap, that can be used either as a quick clip strap, a buckle strap or a head strap. 

If your muzzle does not already have Chicago screws, you will also need to add them to your basket, so that you can re-attach the new strap once you have removed the old one. 

You can order one here.

We have had customers reach out to us saying the back of the muzzle is slightly to narrow at the back and if they are able to boil and re shape the muzzle. We have made the following video as a guideline. 

Please note - 

Once you have reshaped your muzzle, it is no longer able to be returned or exchanged

Do so at your risk, we do not know what this process does to the integrity of the plastic, your muzzle is no longer covered by the life time warranty. 

You are likely to have the most success with adjusting the cheeks,and are likely to be able to adjust a couple of cms.

Please be careful and don't hurt yourself (and if you - we are not responsible)

You can still do this process with strapping attached, this won't impact the Biothane but it may impact the hardware's longevity, so being able to remove the strapping is preferable and only possible if you have Chicago screw upgrade. 

The video is us showing how we added 2 cm to the back of a Harry basket, for a dog with slightly wider cheeks. 


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