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Why we shouldn't be using muzzles to prevent our dogs from chewing
We know that muzzles have a range of fantastic uses for dogs, from keeping dogs, people and animals safe, to preventing dangerous scavenging. A co...
The Best Muzzle Options for XL Bully Breeds: A Comprehensive Guide
The Best Muzzle Options for XL Bully Types: A Comprehensive Guide At the Muzzle Movement we adore all bull breeds. In fact, Atlas, an honourable m...
¿Bozales a prueba de mordeduras? ¿Verdad o Mito?

‘Bite proof’ is made up, with no dictionary definition, no outlined parameters and therefore no minimum standard. So in theory, any brand could call themselves ‘bite proof’ because there is no criteria for them to meet. There is no muzzle equivalent to the car harness’s crash test, or a leash tension meter.

Let start by breaking down ‘Bite proof’ into its most simple terms. The word proof was originally used in the sense of a test of something—such as a test of quality, worth, truth, etc. However, it is now often interpreted as meaning the same thing as evidence.

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