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Meet The Muzzle Movement team

We're a small team of dog lovers, committed to changing the stigma associated with muzzled dogs and their guardians, one muzzle at a time! 



Clara has worked with dogs all of her adult life and is dedicated to being force free in every aspect of life. At age 17 she owned her own dog grooming business alongside working in a boarding kennels, before working for Dogs Trust where she was promoted into a variety of different positions, such as:

- Rehabilitation trainer where she was directly responsible for the practical implementation of training and behaviour modification plans and ensuring optimal welfare of the dogs in the centre. Muzzle training was a frequent part of risk mitigation, for a wide variety of dogs.

-Training and Behaviour Advisor overseeing the specialist rehabilitation unit, where some of the most challenging dogs in Dogs Trust would come for specialist training and behaviour support. Responsible for creating bespoke training and behaviour modification plans for a wide variety of challenging behaviours, including dogs with a significant bite history. 

- Senior Training and Behaviour Advisor for the South east, where Clara was responsible for overseeing the most challenging dogs in the 7 South East centres, supporting the centre based training teams with training and behaviour modification plans, with a focus on risk mitigation. Including dogs that have been involved in court cases or cased significant injuries.

Clara also has a BSC in Animal Behaviour from Liverpool John Moores University and MSC in Clinical Animal Behaviour from the University of Lincoln.

Alongside both her practical and academic experience, Clara has been the guardian of a Muzzled dog, with a bite history. You can read more about Clara and Tollys story under our 'About the movement' tab. 

Clara and Tollys mission is to provide all dogs with good looking muzzles, that meet the needs of the dogs wearing them, and a brand with a strong message. More than just a product, a company that wanted to shake up this outdated market and breathe new life into the muzzle space!



Bex has been working for The Muzzle Movement since April 2023 and became a full time member of staff in September 2023. Bex started working with dogs as a kennel assistant in rescue kennels in 2017 where she was responsible for implementing training plans, improving the welfare of dogs living at the centre and giving them the tools to thrive in their new homes. She now also works at a college as an animal technician, where she cares for 30+ species and teaches students about canine behaviour and care. 

Bex has two rescue dogs, one of which will bark, lunge and snap at unfamiliar people with a bite history, he wears a muzzle for nail trims and veterinary handling. Her other is extremely sociable but still wears a muzzle in the garden occasionally because he will eat rotten fruit that's fallen from surrounding trees.

Bex predominantly helps to assemble muzzles, she is responsible for tracking and updating stock but she also does help with customer support and product testing.



Annie has helped out at The Muzzle Movement right from the Kickstarter! She joined the team part time in early 2023 before coming full time as our Community Education and Engagement Officer in January 2024. She works on building relationships and offering support to the public, canine professionals and charitable organisations. She writes informative, educational blog posts and guides for muzzled dog guardians, organises our fitting days and events, as well as working behind the scenes on our education projects. She also loves to be creative and is often found building your premium sets!

Annie has also worked with dogs for over a decade. She previously ran her own boarding kennels, then spent 5 years working at a national dog welfare organisation - 3 of those years as a trainer, before spending 2 years self-employed offering training and behaviour consultations after having her daughter. Annie is a member of APDT (01566), IMDT and the ABTC.

Annie has a Chihuahua called Flora, and an American Cocker Spaniel called Nelly – who is muzzled for walks. Annie's dad also deserves an honourable mention as he is always on hand to help - as well as building our specially designed machinery and our events stand!

Becky started at The Muzzle Movement in December 2023 as our Design and Development officer. She works on a huge variety of tasks - everything from muzzle manufacturing and customer support to designing our events stand! She is always on hand to help with sizing on fitting days as well as helping with the design of future sizes and growing the business. She also vast knowledge and experience hands on training with rescue dogs so also supports Annie with education projects.

Becky has worked in rescue for around 10 years. She has previously been a kennel manager at a rescue centre before joining the largest national dog rehoming organisation, where she worked in the training and behaviour team, rehabilitating dogs with severe behavioural issues.

Becky has a rescued Akita called Marvel and two rescue Guinea Pigs called Pumpkin & Boo.

Tabby and Eliza are responsible for making all of the separate parts and pieces that make your muzzles! We punch and paint the ends of all of biothane strapping in house, which tends to keep the both of them very busy! 

They also help with all aspects of fulfillment, your muzzles wouldn't get to you without them. And finally, Tabby and Eliza also help to get content for our social media, if you check out our colour combo highlight on instagram you will probably spot one of them.


Christi from Paws on social is the go-to social media manager for pet professionals and has experience working alongside some of the largest brands in this space. Christi is responsible for helping us plan and deliver informative, educational content across all of our social media platforms. 

Christi is passionate about helping pet businesses organise their thoughts into content, and we couldn't deliver the same quality of content across our socials without her! 



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