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How much do The Muzzle Movement Muzzles weigh?

We get asked about how lightweight our muzzles are, and the answer is - lightweight! 

We have compared all of our current muzzles, with the 25mm nose bands and no upgrades, so that you can take a look for yourself! 

Rex weighs 144 grams


Size Neli weighs 147 grams


Tolly weight 166 grams


Sunny weighs 263 grams



It's hard to compare our muzzles to some other brands, because our muzzles are designed to provide your dogs with adequate pant room. So a muzzle of another brand that fits a similar dog, may be lighter because they are overall smaller due to not providing adequate room for your dog to be able to pant fully. 

However, we have weighted a Baskerville Ultra Size 6 and most of our muzzles are actually still lighter weight!

We don't yet have the final weights of the new sizes 'Harry' and 'Taz' but we expect them to be somewhere in between the weights of Tolly and Sunny. As soon as we have them in hand, we will update this post!

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