Muzzle orders placed now will ship within 2-4 weeks, excluding new sizes.

We have gathered the internal measurements of each of our available muzzles, so you can see our dimensions exactly. This allows you to compare to your current muzzle, or see if your dogs measurements would fit.

You will need your individual dogs measurements before you are able to use this chart. You can find measurement help here.

We take measurements internally because its the internal space in which your dog needs to fit! If we were to measure on the external of our muzzles this wouldn't help you understand how much space is inside for your dog to pant! 

Internal measurements 


Recommended size range

We have developed a size range, to help you understand what measurements are likely to fit within each muzzle. It is important that your dogs measurements fit within the length, width and height measurement range. If your dog fits within the length and height but the width is to narrow, the muzzle will not fit over your dogs cheeks which is likely to cause discomfort. 

If your dogs measurements fit within the width and height but the length is too short, the muzzle will sit too far in front of your dogs nose which is likely to obstruct vision and cause the muzzle to push back into their face as they sniff the ground. We have already added some additional range in our length measurement because a muzzle slightly too long is better than a muzzle that doesn't allow a dog to pant, or pinches the cheeks. If your dogs nose length is shorter than the lower range then your dogs nose is too short for that size. 

If your dogs measurements fit within the length and width but the height is too small, your dog will not be able to pant fully and the muzzle will only be able to be worn for short periods such as vet checks, although a full pant is always preferable even for vet visits. 

Please note, that that the recommended additional cms required for a full pant varies dependant on the size of the dog. The smaller the dog, the smaller the additional cms that need to be added to the height because their face is smaller. If we added the same amount of height to a spaniels face, as we do for a German shepherd then the muzzle would be too deep and provide the spaniel with too much unusable space below the bottom of their pant. 

Recommendation chart - Centimetres 


Recommendation chart - Inches 


You cannot rely on circumference alone, circumference could mean wide but not deep, or deep and very narrow. Circumference is only to be used in conjunction with all other measurements. 

What to do if we don't have your size?

If you are struggling with finding a suitable size, you can reach out, with measurements ready here.

If your dog doesn't fit within any of our current sizes, you can check out the muzzles we have coming soon that are available for pre order here. Or sign up for our mailing list here to be notified of new sizes in the future. 

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